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Driveway Frequently Asked Questions

What types of driveways do you install?
We install asphalt drives, tarmac drives with block paved entrance patterns, coloured tarmac drives, and block paved drives. We also do other forms of hard landscaping such as garden patios, pathways, pavers, walls, steps, and fencing.
Do you install coloured tarmac driveways?
Black Asphalt and and Red Asphalt are the most popular colours for coloured tarmac drive however there are many colours to choose from. We can show you examples of coloured tarmac drives. If you have a particular colour in mind, please make us aware of this at the quotation stage
Is a tarmac drive cheaper than a block paved drive?
Generally a tarmac drive is cheaper than a block paved drive. The labour associated with laying the individual blocks is time consuming and contributes to the cost. Please contact us for quotes for both block paved or an asphalt drive.
How long will my new driveway last for?
The lifespan of your new drive will depend on a number of factors including the type of driveway it is, and the quality of the materials used. Professional installation of your chosen driveways, good groundwork, and ensuring adequate drainage is in place will also mean your new drive will not only look great but will last for many years. It is also important to take good care of your driveway. Asphalt Drives are durable and long-lasting and should last in excess of 15 years if carefully maintained and cared for. A professionally laid block paved driveway can last for a considerable number of years however maintenance is very important. You will need to clean, sand, and seal the brick paving on a regular basis to keep your drive looking its best.
How much does a block paved driveway cost?
The cost for your new block paved drive will depend on the size of the area to be covered, the groundwork preparation required, the type of blocks selected and the complexity of the design. Please contact us to come out and talk about your requirements and give you a free no-obligation quote for your new brick paved drive.
What is the cheapest type of driveway?
Asphalt drives are cost effective and do not have the high labour costs associated with laying block paving. Gravel drives are also well priced.
What kind of block pavers do you use for your block paved drives?
When choosing blocks for your brick paved drive there is a lot of choice! All of the pavers we use are high quality blocks and made from natural stone. Block pavers are available in many colours and finishes and can be laid in various patterns and block paved effects. We will show you a selection of paving stone samples along with photographs of block paved driveways completed in the same blocks when you are choosing materials for your new drive.
Do you install driveways in the Redditch area?
Newlay Driveways install driveways, patios and all types of hard landscaping including slabs, paths, walls, steps and fencing in Redditch and the surrounding Birmingham, Warwickshire and Worcestershire areas. If you are in or around Redditch please contact us for advice or for a quote for your new driveway, driveways repairs, driveways cleaning and maintenance or for garden patios and hard landscaping.
Do you do driveways with entrance patterns?
An entrance pattern is a decorative block paved pattern added at the entrance to or edges of a tarmac driveway. Adding a bespoke entrance pattern to your drive looks very effective and adds detail to an otherwise plain tarmac driveway. Take a look at examples of bespoke driveway entrance patterns in our Driveways Gallery.
Which type of driveway will give my house the most kerb appeal?
Block paved driveways are often chosen because they are very striking and presentable though any type of driveway, provided it is carefully and professionally installed and well maintained will help with kerb appeal and creating a great first impression. There are many options when it comes to considering what type of driveway to install, block paved driveways, asphalt drives, tarmac drives with an entrance pattern, gravel drives, resin drives, concrete pattern imprinted driveways. We are happy to advise on options and prices on all types of driveways.
Do I need planning permission for a new driveway?
In many cases planning permission is not required for a new driveway providing adequate drainage is available and water can run off the drive to a permeable surface where the water can drain away. We would always recommend however that you approach your local council planning office to gain clarification on planning permission and confirmation of this.
Do you have any examples of recent driveway projects you have undertaken?
Newlay Drives have completed a large number of tarmac drive projects including coloured tarmac drives, and tarmac drives with block paved entrance patterns. As well as laying new asphalt drives we have also completed a number of tarmac drive surface repairs. Newlay Drives also install block paved driveways and patios. We lay brick paving in a variety of colours, materials, and patterns and also use block paving to add entrance patterns to asphalt driveways. Please see examples of the tarmac drives and block paved driveways we have completed in our Driveway portfolio.
Are you experienced Driveways installers?
Newlay Drives have over 50 years of experience installing driveways, patios, and landscaping. We specialise in tarmac drives, decorative block paved driveways, and tarmac drives with bespoke decorative brick entrance patterns. Operating in Redditch, Studley, and the Worcestershire area as driveways specialists, we are professionals at what we do and we take a great deal of pride in our work. Take a look at examples of our driveways, patios and landscaping projects in our gallery
Is your driveway work guaranteed?
We take great care with the workmanship involved in all of our hard landscaping projects. Our work is fully guaranteed against sinking and spreading. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any concerns about your completed driveway or patio.
How long does it take to install a new driveway?
The time taken to complete your new driveway installation will depend on the size of the area, the groundwork preparation required, the materials being used, the complexity of the job, and the design. We will always give you an estimate for completing your new driveway or patio installation and we will keep you updated along the way to let you know our progress and estimated completion date.
How soon can I use my new drive?
Once your new driveway is complete it is generally 24-48 hours before the driveway can be used and particular for cars to be parked on it. When we finish work, we will tape off the drive or patio and advise you on timescales for removing the tape and using your new drive.
Will you be able to advise on effective driveway drainage?
When we come out to quote for a new driveway we will always consider effective drainage for your new driveway. Depending on the type of surface being installed we may have to make provision for drainage to avoid flooding and to ensure surface water has a place to go rather than sitting on your drive causing damage to your drive and even to your property. This can be done by grading the drive so it slopes slightly and directs water to a drainage point such as a graveled area, a lawn, or into a drain. If a natural drainage solution is not available then another option is to install purpose-built drains that take water to a soakaway or to your household drains. Newlay Drives have lots of experience at installing driveways with appropriate drainage.
What are the drainage requirements for a new driveway installation?
Newlay Drives will take drainage into consideration when advising on your options for a new driveway or patio installation. We will ensure that all necessary driveway drainage is in place.
Which type of driveway is best for cold weather?
Asphalt drives are good for extreme temperatures and weather conditions. An Asphalt drive is good for very cold temperatures and also for hot sunny days. An Asphalt drive is unlikely to crack because it has a certain amount of flexibility and will not crack under pressure.
Can you help with extending my existing driveway?
Whether your drive is asphalt or block paved we will be able to help with extending your existing drive to provide you with more space for parking and maneuvering vehicles. We will deal with any necessary preparation and groundworks to the area to be extended before laying the new driveway materials. When extending your drive, we will do our utmost to match the colour and style. Where a block paved driveway is being extended we recommend that you coincide this with maintenance and cleaning to the existing driveway as this is likely to help the extended driveway area blend in
Can you help lower my kerb?
Providing you have permission from the council to lower the kerb for vehicular access, and they do not specify that the groundworks involved need to be done by their own contractors, then we are more than happy to help lower your kerb.
Which type of driveway is best if you want to avoid weeds?
Whilst asphalt is not completely resistant to weeds it’s certainly easier to control weeds on a tarmac drive than a block paved or gravel driveway. If your driveway has been installed by a professional asphalt driveway installer, then the chances of weeds developing are reduced. Regular maintenance of your driveway such as brushing your drive and keeping it free from direct are also good preventative measures and will prevent weeds from taking hold. If weeds do occur, remove them manually and treat them with a good quality weedkiller
How do I maintain my new driveway?
Keeping your driveway well maintained will ensure it looks its best at all times and will reduce the occurrence of weeds. For all driveway types, whether it’s a block paved drive or a tarmac drive, it is recommended that you regularly sweep your drive and keep it free of dirt. A block paved drive may need extensive cleaning each year and it is advisable to replenish dry kiln sand also. This can be brushed between the block paving with a broom and will help prevent weeds. Sealing your block paving will ensure your paved driveway remains in good condition and is well protected and will also help reduce the growth of weeds, algae, and moss. Newlay Drives undergo maintenance and cleaning for driveways. Please contact us for a quote.
Is it possible to repair a damaged driveway?
In almost all cases it is possible to make a driveway repair. We frequently complete repairs for both block paved drives and tarmac drive repairs. Please contact us and ask us to come out and assess your driveway and give you quote for a driveway repair.
Do you carry out tarmac driveway repairs?
We carry out repairs to tarmac drives. Please contact us for a free, no obligation quote for your tarmac driveway repair.
Do you carry out driveway repairs and tarmac resurfacing?
Newlay Drives install new tarmac drives and tarmac resurfacing. We also carry out repairs to asphalt surfaces and make driveway repairs.
Can you repair a sinking block paved drive?
If your blocked paved driveway or patio is sinking or uneven, please give us a call and we will come out and assess it for you. Newlay Drives carry out repairs to block paved driveways including lifting the blocks, cleaning them, levelling up the area with grit sand before relaying the blocks so that the driveways is completely even. When we come out to assess your driveway, we will be able to give you a quote for the driveway repair
Do you refurbish block paved driveways?
Newlay Drives can refurbish your block paved driveway and get it looking like new! In maintaining your old block paved drive we will lift, clean, level and relay any sinking blocks. Replace any damaged blocks with new blocks of the same colour and finish. We will thoroughly clean your brick paving, removing any moss, algae, and weeds. Once dry we will seal the driveway to protect it and further discourage weeds. We will brush dry kiln sand between the blocks with a broom.
Can you re-seal my block paved driveway?
Yes, it is advisable to re-seal your driveway periodically and possibly every two to three years is recommended. Please contact Newlay Drives for a quote to clean, re-seal and sand your block paved drive and get it looking like new again.
Will re-sealing my block paved driveway stop weeds from growing?
Yes, re-sealing your block paved driveway will help protect it and reduce the chance of weeds growing. Once sealed and fully dry, brush kiln-dried paving sand between the pavers using a broom.
Do you do garden patios?
Newlay Drives do all types of hard landscaping including laying block paved or slabbed garden patios. We are also able to help with garden walls, steps and fencing.
Do you build walls and steps?
As well as driveways and patios we can also help with brick steps, doorsteps, walls, path and paving, in fact most hard landscaping projects
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